Could Your Hearing Aids Keep You Out Of The Emergency Room?

Jun 06, 2018

While researchers are quick to point out that findings like these don’t prove cause and effect, the potential connections are hard to ignore.
The Importance Of Hearing Aids For Seniors
Over 37 million Americans report some degree of hearing loss, and many of those are seniors who choose to go untreated. It may be for financial reasons, a reluctance to receive treatment, fear of doctors or something else, but there is no denying that untreated hearing loss is about so much more than just staying in the conversation. It is proving so crucial that policymakers are now trying to make it easier than ever to get hearing aids by pushing for increased insurance coverage and treatment alternatives.
Research findings like these that dig into the connections between hearing loss and quality of life continue to highlight just how valuable an investment hearing aids can be – potentially even saving people time, money and their overall health in the long run.