New Year Tinnitus Special!

Jan 05, 2023

Stop! Ringing in the new year!

January 9 – Feburary 1st 2023

As the new year begins, you may have noticed hearing trouble whether that’s difficulty hearing clearly, difficulty understanding especially with accents or that unwanted ringing in your ears. All of which are early warning signs for damage to your auditory system. There is a way to manage an treat what you are experiencing! Read more about Ringing in your ears, Click Here!

At Autumn Oak, not only do we want to make sure you hear every moment of 2023, it is our goal to make sure you have experienced the 5 medical benefits of treatment:

          • Decrease social isolation
          • Increase your cognitive function
          • Reduce your tinnitus or noises in ears
          • Reduce your risk of Dementia
          • Reduce your risk of a traumatic fall

What we’re offering with this Consultation:

          1. Treatment Plan & Prescribed Technology
          2. Regular software updates and Prescription updates
          3. Expert Care from Excellence in Audiology Certified Professionals
          4. Any supplies, accessories or batteries you’ll need during treatment
          5. Coverage for loss or damage at significantly lower deductible
          6. Regular Cognitive/Dementia Risk Screenings
          7. 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Imagine being able to hear what you want, eliminate what you don’t want to hear, and live your best life for years to come!

Watch a video explanation on tinnitus causes and treatment: Its There a Cure For My Tinnitus?

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 Dr. Carrie Raz, AuD., CCC-A

Doctor of Audiology