Shopping for Hearing Aids

Jun 27, 2022

By: Michelle L. Saltarrelli, AuD,CCC-A/SLP

Under Medicare Age? This what to look for or to stay clear from:

  1. Check insurance benefits. Most decent insurance plans will provide some assistance towards the purchase of hearing aids. Will they cover 100% maybe or maybe not, but something is better than nothing! Discount hearing aid plans are not insurance coverage.  
  2. Locked Hearing Aids- Make sure the hearing aids are not locked. Meaning you are also locked to that audiologist or very few audiologists across the nation.
  3. See an audiologist who offers multiple manufactures, not one, two, or three brands. Ideally the “Big Six” Phonak, Starkey, Signia, Widex, Oticon, and Resound. There is no best hearing aid, there is a best for you.
  4. Ask how easily exchanges can be made. You should be able to find the right fit/manufacturer for you.
  5. Know the time frame for returns and exchanges of hearing aids
  6. Warranties- All manufactures provide warranties 1-5 years depending on technology and age of patient.
  7. Ask about the follow-up care after the hearing aid fitting. Follow-up care is necessary.
  8. Know that your hearing loss or configuration of your audiogram determines the style of hearing aid which is appropriate for you. For example, if you have normal low frequency hearing a custom-in-the-ear product would not be appropriate for you.


Michelle L. Saltarrelli, AuD,CCC-A/SLP, Advanced Vestibular Clinician, Clinical Educator, Medical Reviewer for Speech-Pathology and Audiology Health Insurance Claims, Forensic Speech-Pathologist and Audiologist