Vestibular Testing for Children: How it Differs from Adult Testing

Jul 20, 2023

Inner ear disturbances can significantly impact a person’s sense of balance and contribute to various dizzy disorders. Surprisingly, children are not immune to these inner ear disorders and often experience symptoms that can be misinterpreted as learning disabilities, dyslexia, or even psychological issues. Identifying the root cause of these symptoms is crucial to providing accurate diagnoses and appropriate treatment. That’s where vestibular testing comes into play.

Testing Differences

Similar testing methods are used for both adults and children, however, there are certain aspects that set pediatric vestibular testing apart. Understanding these differences is essential for effective diagnosis and management of vestibular disorders in children.

Age-Appropriate Testing Techniques

These techniques are designed to engage children while maintaining their focus and cooperation throughout the evaluation process.

Child-Friendly Environment

To create a comfortable and child-friendly testing environment, specialized pediatric facilities are equipped with kid-friendly equipment and decor. These settings help alleviate anxiety and promote cooperation during the testing procedure.

Collaboration with Parents and Caregivers

In pediatric vestibular testing, the involvement of parents and caregivers is crucial. They play an active role in providing information about the child’s medical history, symptoms, and any observations that can assist in the evaluation process.

Tailored Test Selection

The specific vestibular function tests conducted on children may vary depending on their age, symptoms, and medical history. Some commonly employed tests include:

  • Visual Testing
  • Positional Testing
  • Caloric Testing
  • Hearing evaluations
  • Balance assessments

By tailoring the tests to suit a child’s age and developmental stage, audiologists can obtain accurate results and provide appropriate recommendations for further evaluation or treatment.

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If your child is experiencing dizziness, imbalance, or other symptoms related to their balance, it is important to consult with a qualified audiologist who specializes in pediatric vestibular testing. Autumn Oak Speech, Voice & Hearing can help. We offer pediatric and adult vestibular testing. Contact us to learn more.