What is Vestibular Testing and How Can it Help Diagnose Dizziness?

Jun 06, 2023

Dizziness and imbalance can create a lot of problems in your daily activities. Rather than pushing through these issues, you should consider seeking help from an expert audiologist. While dizziness or vertigo can be caused by virtually anything, the culprit may be an issue with your inner ear. That’s where vestibular testing comes in.

What is a Vestibular Function Test?

A vestibular function test is a type of hearing or visual evaluation that can determine if an issue with your inner ear is the cause of your dizziness. There are various types of vestibular function tests, and your audiologist may have you participate in one or multiple tests. The most common vestibular evaluation tests include:

  • Hearing Testing – You will wear headphones or inserts in a sound-treated room, listen for beeping sounds, and let your audiologist know what you hear.
  • Visual Testing – You will follow a moving light with your eyes while an audiologist analyzes your eye movement to determine if there are problems with your vision and vestibular function.
  • Positional Testing – While following a moving light with your eyes, you will also be moving other parts of your body as an audiologist analyzes your eye movements.
  • Rotary Chair Testing – You will be strapped to a rotational computerized chair in the middle of a small, darkened room. Infrared goggles will be used to record your eye movement as the chair moves.
  • Caloric Testing – Your eye movements will be analyzed as warm and cool water or air will be placed in your ear canals to stimulate your vestibular system.

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